Friday 02212014


CFP HQ will be closed until 10am class today.    No 5:30am, 7:00am HGST, or 8:00am.  Check here and Facebook for updates.


A.  Front Squat – 5 x 5 w/3 Min Rest 

B.  13 Min AMRAP 

1K Row 

40 x Deadlifts @ LIGHT 

150 x DU 

Max effort Russian Swings for the remainder of the period 

Performance – Sport 

A.  Back Squats – 5 x 1 w/3-4 Min Rest (Go Heavy) 

B.  13 Min AMRAP 

1K Row 

50 x Power Snatches @ 75lb/55lb 

150 x DU 

Max effort Muscle-ups or C2B Pull-ups for the remainder of the period 

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8 Responses
  1. Josh Hoekstra

    A.) 285, 285, 295, 295, 315 – It was cool to be able to do a “3-plate” back squat. 315 is also a 50lb PR! I’d say back squat Tuesdays are paying off…
    B.) 204 – All movements Rx. The snatches were by far the worst part of the workout. I tried to do sets of 10, but it ended up being sets of 6 or 5 towards the end. The DUs were exhausting, but I managed to get my first 76 unbroken. That helped big time. Was happy to get in 4 MUs in the last minute, too! This was a fun one.

  2. JennF

    A.) Mike added the weights, not sure where we started, I think something like–> 185-205-225-235 (failed)– 230 (20/25? pound PR).
    B.) 55# snatch (broke it into 10-10-5-5-10-5-5 reps); 300 singles, 7 questionable C2B w/ red band.

    I liked this chipper!! I sweat less today because it was a balmy 58 degrees in the gym! Felt good!

  3. Nicole Chovan

    A. 85-125-165-185-213-235(f)-240-250(f). Didn’t get where I wanted to today, but also didn’t have anywhere close to 3 minutes rest between sets.
    B. 200 +1. Missed about 4 muscle ups. Not very happy about that. Row and snatches felt good. Dubs felt like crap.

  4. Staci Vinz

    Beach WOD:
    A. 5 rounds NFT:
    5 pull-ups
    10 dumbbell push jerk (30-30-30-30-35)
    B. 2 rounds AFAP:
    100 DU’s
    75 alternating lunges
    50 sit-ups
    25 push ups

  5. Susan Kian

    A.175-205-210-215-220 I stopped there although it felt fine.

    B. long periods of rowing more than a few hundred meters causes way too many contractions, something about the position that is not ideal…will start to do bike instead. After the initial row I could not get them to stop and it made me nervous so I kept stopping for long periods. I did 50 db snatches at 30 and some at 25. I would get thru like 10 dubs and the contractions wouldn’t let up so I had to stop. I did a few random air squats and called it good. This was super annoying as I never got even remotely tired …oh well I guess :/
    Last week at the dahlc I tried rowing and the same thing happened so I guess I will have to limit that.

    Hi Staci! So jealous!