Friday 08162013


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Fitness – Performance

A.  Take 20 Minutes to Establish a 1 Rep max Clean & Jerk

B.  11.3 Open WOD


Squat Clean + Jerk @ 165lb/110lb


A.  Establish the heaviest UB Set of STO x 10

B.  11.3 Open WOD

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14 Responses
  1. Angela

    A.135(5#pr) got so excited with my 1st attempt but in all my excitement, I didn’t completely finish the lift says Coach Grenell to me. I had to redo & I made sure to finish it:)
    B. 23rx -always harder than it looks on the board.

  2. Jen B

    Super tired today. Got within 5# of my PR; 105#. Was happy with that with how I felt. WOD used 65#, 17 reps.

  3. Brandon

    Performance @fire station:
    A: 195 (+10Pr)
    B: didn’t get to it
    Kind of tired, it’s been a busy day at work. Got a run before I got to the wod. Attempted 200 three times, bailed twice, got under it the other time but got stuck in the bottom.

  4. Alexi

    A. 225 – 20# PR or something. Missed the clean on my 230# attempt, which is below my clean PR. Little angry, but ran outta time.
    B. 15 @ 135.

  5. Steve Vinz

    A. 165lbs (10lb PR)….have to work on my squat (not pretty)!
    B. 16@115lbs.
    Short and sweet….have to continue to work on my form!

  6. Cally

    A. 100# — 30lb PR (couldn’t believe it so I counted the weights twice!)
    B. 55# X 21 (really working on deep squat, got down every time.
    Also practiced DUs – doing better, got about 15-20 in a row several times!

  7. Staci Vinz

    A. 165 Clean, got stuck in the hole on my old PR of 175. Mad I couldn’t hit my PR, but just not feelin’ it today.
    B. 31 Rx – this WOD felt good!!!

    50 weighted med ball GHD’s @ 14#

  8. Susan Kian

    C and j – had a few adjustments to be made with new grip and shoes but i got used to it after a bit. Went up to 160 and hit that pretty comfortably. Ran out of time to try any more. My pr is 165 but it is a power clean usually. So this would be the first time i did a full squat so that felt pretty good.

    11.3 21 reps.

  9. Clara

    A. 110#
    B. 17 @65# I didn’t feel incredibly strong today, but I feel happy that I did some heavy Oly lifting without pain!

  10. Paul Bye

    A. 195 – no PR today but Jerome gave me a few things to think about for improvement
    B. 26 reps @ 115#