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And they're off!
And they’re off!


A.  EMOM – 15 Mins

8 x Power Swings

B.  For completion

400M Run

1 Min Rest

21 – 15 – 9

Jumping Pull-ups

Mountain Climbers x 2


A.  EMOM – 15 Mins

1 x Pause Clean (Knees) + Jerk


800M Run

21 – 15 – 9

Box jumps @ 24inch/20inch

C2B Pull-ups


A.  EMOM – 15 Mins

2 x TNG Squat Cleans


800M Run

21 – 15 –  9

C2B Pull-ups


Box jumps @ 24inch/20inch

Games Track 2014 

A.  Pause Front Squats – 5 x 5 w/3 Min Rest 

(3 Sec Pause) 

B.  400M Backwards Sled Pull – 90lb/45lb 

C1.  GHD-Sit-ups – 3 x 15 

C2.  Reverse Hyper – 3 x 15 

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20 Responses
  1. Holly T

    A. 95# (my wrist is still bothering me so I took it easy this morning)
    B. 11:37 I was able to get 5 chest to bars to start with then went to regular kiping pull ups with no band! 🙂 One of my favorite WOD’s

  2. Nicole Chovan

    A. TNG cleans at 135. Wish I could have gone heavier, but my shoulder was bothering me so I settled for that.
    B. 13:30 felt good. Was hoping to be sub 12 (very ambitious) but not terrible. Chest to bar felt great. HSPU could use work and box jumps could be more consistent on the rebound but I actually liked this one.

    A. Done – 1 set at 135, 4 sets at 155. Some had more pause than others.
    B. Didn’t get to this one :/
    C1 & C2 Done.

  3. Steve Vinz

    A. 135lbs.
    B. 10:58 with 24 inch box and kipping pullups.

    Good workout…..felt good! It was a good week of workouts!

  4. Paul Bye

    A. worked up to 155
    B. 10:50 w/ jumping pull-ups
    Good couple days of workouts given that I was sick earlier in the week and hadn’t been to the gym in 5 days. Loved Thursday’s sled pushes!

  5. Cally

    A. Worked up to 75# (did full squats, felt good)
    B. 10:55 / only ran 400, red band pull-ups, 12″ box jump (all jumps, no stepping up!)
    Great workout, felt good

  6. Carlos

    A. TNG at 175. Some were sketchy on the switch to the second clean. Must work on it.
    B. Sport WOD (my first!) aaaaaand….need to work on HSPU kips. 13:42. Strict HSPU hurt. A. lot. Lets do it again…

  7. Cory L

    A. 65lbs. Listened carefully to my hip/lower back. Focused on settings the hips and bracing core through all lifts. Everything seemed to go well. No pain spasms. Cautiously optimistic for now that I can keep attending on a regular basis now.
    B. 10:15 with jumping pullups and box step-ups. Again, listened carefully to hip/lower back. Focused on hips/braced core, particularly on the box step-ups. Hip/back was pain free. The last two weeks of core work at home and resting seems to have paid off so far. 🙂

  8. Brandon

    A: @135
    B: timed out @15 minutes. Got through 5 HSPU in the round of 9.
    Need to work on a more efficient kip on HSPU and stringing more butterfly c2b’s together.
    No time for games track today 🙁

  9. Sara R.

    A. 75# for 12, then 85# for last 3
    B. 11:33 used a 12in box (wanted to try jumping instead of step ups- ended up being a mixture or the 2) and did jumping pull ups

  10. Sara G

    A. Started with 65#, worked my way up to a 5# PR @ 100# (thanks to Matt adding weight for me) – 100# felt great, think I could’ve done more!
    B. Performance 10:31, jumping pullups

  11. Staci Vinz

    A. @ 135
    B. got through 21-21-21-15-15-15 in 15:20.
    This was not a good HSPU day. Feeling like I am digressing instead of improving on these. Have done a lot of shoulder and tricep work this week, do maybe that contributed. Oh well, will keep working on them.
    400m backwards sled pull @ 45#
    3 x 15 rev hyper
    75 x weighted 20# GHD’s
    Strength work before class

  12. JennF

    A. Performance at 105# x5, then 110# for the rest. I tried 115, but didn’t feel my form was on. Thanks to Nic and Shawn for the corrections, shoulders back… engage the hammys… same things everytime, but I just go back to bad form… ARGH!!
    B. 11:58 with blue band for pull ups– trouble stringing kips together. Good workout.

  13. Susan Kian

    A. @ 115 focused on good form
    B. got through 21-21-21-15-15-15 in 16:06
    Hspu slowed me down. 1st time i did them with out my fluffy ab mat so had to do them slow and controlled in stead of what i normally do. Good practice for any type of competition just not used to it yet.

    400m backwards sled pull @ 45#
    3 x 15 ghd

  14. Susan Kian

    Back extension and gh raises too …didnt get to fs

    Today was a good workout but i forgot my snack at home! A lil low on the energy!

  15. Jennifer Brickley

    8:53. Next time will use a 20in instead of 16, and go back to red band (I used red/blue this time).
    Used 75# for the clean/jerk, trying to work on my jerk technique