Friday 09272013

CFP Boot Camp  

Our next boot camp starts September 30th and meets M/W/F at 7pm-8pm.  For more details and to register follow this link.  Only 3 spots left!



A.  4 Sets

30 Sec Dbl Kettlebell Rows

30 Sec Single-unders


800M Row/Run buy in

3 Rounds

30 x Single-unders

20 x Walking Lunges

10 x Divers


A.  Every 15 Sec for 16 Sets

3 x P Clean + Push Jerks @ 115lb/85lb


800M Row/Run buy in

100 x Double-unders 

80 x Sit-ups 

60 x Russian Swings/American Swings @ 1.5 pood/1 pood 

40 x Walking Lunges w/KB 

20 x Hang Power Cleans @ 95lb/65lb 


A.  Every 15 Secs for 16 Sets 

3 x P Cleans + P Jerks @ 135lb/95lb 


800M Run/Row buy in 

100 x Double-unders 

80 x Weighted Sit-ups @ 30lb/20lb 

60 x Russian Swings @ 80lb/60lb 

40 x OH Lunges  @ 45lb/25lb 

20 x Hang Power Cleans @ 135lb/95lb 

Games Track 2014 

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11 Responses
  1. Laura S

    A. 45# did 3x for first 2 sets, then switched off doing 2x and 1x when i needed a rest.
    B. did singles and used the KB just below 1 pood. 55# hang power cleans
    done in 19:24

  2. Paul Bye

    A. @95# – did first 6 straight, then did 2 reps every round, skipping two rounds total (last round pushed out 3). Tough, but really focused on keeping the form.
    B. 15:45 Rx. Did not expect the KB lunges to be the hard thing, sort of forget how much harder those are with weights.
    A VERY memorable last week of WODs at the old gym – time to hit the new place!

  3. Sara R.

    performance for
    A. @65#
    and fitness for
    B. finished 3 rds in 12:55 but kept going to build my endurance so I completed 6 rds in 19:30
    Run is feeling better and need to challenge myself more!

  4. Jim

    A. 115lbs
    B. 17:09 American swings, full power cleans (didn’t realize they were suppose to be hang), lunges were by far the worst part.
    Was very happy with the clean & jerks and swings i didn’t have any shoulder discomfort

  5. Susan Kian

    A. weight felt light today…..I went at a comfortably uncomfortable pace.
    B. 16:23 1.5 pood -workout was very manageable.

  6. Keith

    A: Failed miserably – 75# – hit a little over half of the reps
    B: 15:50 Easier than I though it would be, even with doing 150 SUs , cleans at 65#