Friday 11022012

Annalissa and Amy

A.  Take 20 Minutes to Practice or Establish a new 1 rep Max Snatch

B.  Partner Isabel  

60 x Snatches @ 135lb/95lb or 65% or 1 rep max

You go I go sets of 5 with your partner  

C.  150 x Medball Sit-ups with a partner  

-Post results under comments  

3 Responses
  1. Jim Sorum

    A. Just missed a snatch pr a couple time. But, no matter how unfair the barbell is to you don’t kick a bench, it hurts

    B. 4:57 w/50lbs loser Ryan Senst

    C. just under 5 min w/Josh (don’t know his last name)

  2. Nate

    Hero recovery WOD “Addison”

    1000m row @ 90% (rest 3-5 minutes)

    8 min AMRAP @ 80%
    10 situps
    15 Russian KB swings
    3x 20m sprint

    2 min AMRAP @ 50%
    10 situps
    15 Russian KB swings
    3x 20m sprint

    R.I.P. Addison. May your ghost find its way safely to the Lulumon store.

  3. Staci

    A. 130# (5#PR). MUST work on keeping form after 100# or my coach will NOT be happy with me!!!! 🙂
    B. 3:58 @ 85#. With my gal Susan!!! Way to rock it girl.!!!!