Get fit quickly? Or get fit for sure?

At Progression your results are guaranteed. You don’t need a specific goal, but it helps if you have one.

My favorite saying is getting through the doors is all it takes to get fit.

The main difference between our gym and others is that fact.

Your fitness is not guaranteed if you join most gyms. Will you go? If you do go do you know what to do? If you know what to do, will you do it? Will you do it consistently?

Progression is not get fit quick. Progression is get fit for sure.


Our society pushes more and more toward quick rewards, impatience, and ease.

Progression is quick, you just need to redefine what quick is.

Impatience turns to practice.

Fitness is easy when you have a guide.

The gym’s personal record board is full of names every month. It is time to get your name on the board.

Come check us out.