Green Circles and Black Diamonds

CFPJ Band aid

The J in our logo stands for the journey. Everyone’s journey is different. Everyone’s rewards are different.

Some people work their way up from green circles to black diamonds; some people stay on the green circles.

Some people are given green circles for everything in their life.

You have choices in your life. And you make them every day, every minute.

You choose to stay on the green circle or work toward the Black diamond. Some days you visit green, some days you push black.

Some people never push for the black diamond.

People journeying towards or in the black diamond are happier. This is proven by research and by many personal experiences and personal accounts from friends and associates.

Money has little to do with happiness. This is why we see so many very wealthy people living the green circle life unhappy and depressed.

We are built to challenge ourselves and push forward.

At Progression and Regent, we help people move toward the black diamond life.

If you are tired of your green circle fitness, let us know.

Joshua J Grenell