High Motivation

You started out strong. You got stronger. 

Your motivation was high, you were getting better, you were consistent. You started feeling better, your friends and family noticed.   

Something changed. You got bored. Or maybe your gym got shut down.  

You got bored with the programming. You got bored with the diet. You got bored with doing the workouts in your living room.  

So what can we do now to keep our health and fitness up?  

Engage Others

Ask your coach if you can bring a friend. You can share your new knowledge and fitness with someone else. Help them get started down a path to a better life. If you are at home, share your workout with someone, and see if they will do it too. Maybe at the same time, or perhaps they just report back with how it went.  

We need more than just exercise to stay well. Humans need connection.  

Variety is the Spice of Fitness

Are you a runner? Used to logging the miles every week? Throw in some bodyweight movements on your run. Ask a friend to join you. Join a Group class for 2-3x a week to get some legit crosstraining in. As a running coach, I know crosstraining is often looked at as just a checklist item that frequently gets skipped. Those that do it, run longer and better.   

The secrets to longevity and personal bests are in those strength training sessions. There is no better way to make sure you get them done and do them well than to join a class with a coach directing your time. 

Gym rat? Time to do some cardio! Start slow. But let’s go!  

Go on a jog, bike ride, jump rope, or even just a walk. If the season is right, how about a game of basketball or tennis? 

Hire a coach.

Many people have found the fastest path to success is merely hiring someone to tell them what to do and make sure they do it.  

CrossFit-type gyms are a very affordable way to do this. Instead of paying for 1:1 coaching, you can attend a class and get enough attention to move you toward your goals.  Group Class

Personal training is the fastest way to your goals. You have a set time and place to show up. And your coach is waiting for you.  Personal Training

Online coaching has been around for at least a decade, especially for the endurance community. Recently is has exploded in various ways because of Covid-19.    

Your online coach should be providing personalization, accountability, and working as your filter on what you should be focused on. Not just provide you with a program.   Online Coaching

If you are getting bored. Talk to your coach. They can switch things up for you when motivation is low. Again it pays to have someone to help you along your journey. 

If you need help, reach out to us! We are here to help. Let’s chat!

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