Progression Theory (It isn’t Orange)

Joshua J Grenell

After ten years in business, we know how to achieve your long term body composition goals.

This isn’t a theory, 100s of success stories. We have success in working with every type of person.

Some people will have success with any program. You may even see this person in 3-4 different gym ads around town. This type of person will get results no matter what the program.

A question that should come to mind is, why does this person need to get results again and again?

The reason is their results, and the way they got them is not sustainable. They did not make a lifestyle change; they did a challenge, suffered, took photos, and went back to their usual way of life. The way of life that leads to the need for a challenge.

Progression Theory

We built Progression for the long run. All our coaching focuses on longevity.

Our nutrition program focuses on a real lifestyle change. If you still think a nutrition program is about a meal plan, you are missing out. Almost everyone knows what they should and should not eat. A meal plan is not going to change your behaviors long term. Knowing your macros is not an answer to the reasons you are not getting results. Many of our nutrition clients don’t ever get a “plan” They don’t need it. They need someone to talk to, someone who understands, and someone who knows how to deal with the real issues. This is done 1:1 because this is the only way it works.

Our group classes are programmed for not only calorie burn but, more importantly, muscle building. The more muscle you develop, the more calories you burn. The stronger you are, the more resilient to life you are. Our long term members are the fittest people in their families. They are ready and able to help when needed in any situation.

I have participated in Progressions programs for ten years now. I am 45 years old. Outside of my gym friends, I am the fittest person my age, I know. And the secret is, it isn’t hard. I work out 4 hours a week. I use what I have learned through our nutrition program to eat well. It is that easy.

It is a magic pill. And I take it weekly.

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