How to Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

CrossFit Progression Mobility 1. Focus on breathing.

Sounds simple, until you’re 2 rounds in and you’re WOD drunk.

2. Break up sets.

A 21-15-9 workout is nice to break up sets in thirds.  Truth be told, how you break up your sets in a metcon workout isn’t as important as breaking before you get to muscle failure.  More breaks could end up giving you a faster time by avoiding muscle failure right off the bat.

3. Rest between sets.

Don’t just willy-nilly your rests. Have a plan and stick to it. Whether you want to watch your time each round and keep that pace or take 1-3 deep breaths as your break, choose an approach and stick to it.

4. Make mobility your priority.

As in, you can WOD only after you’ve mobilized.

5. Scale, scale, scale.

It’s not what you think. Scaling doesn’t always mean you have to lower weight or do a varied movement.  Try one of these 3 options:

  • Scale the movement. Ask a Coach for variations.
  • Scale the weight. Follow recommended percentages and lower the weight if your form is wavering.
  • Scale the reps. Wait. What!?  “But, but then I’m not doing the whole WOD”.  False.  Scale your reps.  You’re better off actually performing a smaller amount of pistols than you are scaling the entire movement through a workout and never getting the practice.

6. Keep yourself accountable.

The gym has endless avenues for this.

  • Join CFP Facebook pages for motivation, encouragement, and advice.
  • Sign up for Beyond the Whiteboard, (paid for by CFP).
  • Physically keep a Journal.  Warning: your daughter may think it’s your secret journal where you write about your crush on Rich Froning,  (ahem Susan).
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