March 2019 Challenge: Pull-Ups

Pull-ups are the March Challenge.  TWO circles per day(REP Based).  Cross out the circle when complete.  This challenge for most of us should be done in a gym.  What constitutes a Pull-up.  Any scaling variation counts. Video below!  You don’t have to have pull-ups to do this challenge, just have to work toward them.  =-)

“I already have Pull-ups”  Good for you.  Work toward something you don’t have.  How many Strict pull-ups do you have?  5?  10?  15?  20?   I suggest 10 strict before you put in any work on advanced pull-up techniques like Butterflies.  I suggest 5 strict before kipping pull-ups.  Your shoulders will thank you if you put in the work before trying to flap your wings.  Take appropriate breaks.  1-5 mins between sets.  Sets could be 1 pull-up.

Any questions let us know.

Here is the sheet for this challenge: Pull-UPs! 

Some scaling options are in the video below.  Try to get away from the rings as fast as you can.

 Pull-Up scaling Video!

Last Months Challenge

Double Unders!

If you completed the challenge.  Bring your completed sheet into the gym and pick up your Badge!



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