Routine or Consistency?

Routine or Consistency

Consistency is King… Or is it routine?

What is the difference?  Consistency comes out of routine.  

I think many people struggle with consistency simply because their life is not conducive to a routine.  Rotating shifts, random work schedules, spouses schedules, kids schedules, snow days.

Routine makes everything easier.  It will take some work if you do not have a set time you do things every day.  It can be done. Basically, you may have a few different types of days. You need to set a routine for each of those types of days.

First things first.  Do you have a routine?  An easy first step, write down your morning routine.  What do you do every morning? Is it the same every morning?  Or you more productive some mornings? Is there a pattern?

Alright, get to it.  What is your morning routine?


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