Medication! oops, I mean Meditation.

One of the most incredible things of 2020 was the simplification of meditation practices.  

I had read a few books on meditation in the past, and all made it a drawn-out complicated process.  

Then along came Colm O’Reilly!

Colm is the owner of CrossFit Ireland. He has helped many gym owners and others learn the art of mindset and helped many start a meditation practice. He also has a great new course out for coaches. Two-Brain Coaching: Mindset. 

Here are five easy ways to start a meditation practice. 

  1. Know that all meditation is simply a focus of your thoughts on one thing. That is it. You don’t need to empty your mind of all thoughts.  
  2. One minute a day can result in positive benefits. Everyone has 1 minute a day.   
  3. Assigning your 1 minute to something else you do every day is an excellent trick to completing your daily meditation. Colm suggests doing it when you brush your teeth in the morning. I do it on my daily walk.  
  4. Spending your minute just focusing on your breathing is an easy way to start. Set your timer on your phone for 1 minute and just breathe. When the alarm goes off, you are done. Go about the rest of your day. 
  5. There are no right or wrongs. Spend the minute focused on one thing. I suggest breathing to start. But it can be anything. Can’t focus for one full minute? Ya me either, but you tried, so you win.

Meditation practice is a good and pretty easy New Year’s resolution. Set a one-minute appointment with yourself daily on your phone calendar. And don’t miss the meeting! 

Remember, consistency over more extended periods creates results. Not perfection over two weeks. Miss a day, so what, start over the next.