Technical Motivation

Here are five tech options to keep you going!

One of the ways that successful people stay motivated is through technology. Today I will quickly talk about five options I have used, and I will highlight those we use at Progression Fitness and Regent Fitness in Rochester, MN. 

  • Myzone. Myzone is a wearable heart rate based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity. The longer you are consistent with myzone, the higher your status grows. We have several members at Progression now in the Hall of Fame (HOF) Status. HOF status represents four years of consistently getting to the gym 13 or more times a month. When worn in the gym setting, your HR and zone show up on a TV screen. The screen allows the coach to adjust your workout to get you the intended stimulus for the day. 
  •  Strava. Strava is a free app (Paid option) for primarily outdoor sports. One of the most motivating apps out there for endurance sports. From Local Legend status based on activity, not performance, to the segments you battle to climb the leader ladder, There is something for everyone in Strava. Their year-end summary every year is also very well done and motivating.  
  • Beyond the Whiteboard. One of the most robust personal tracking systems ever developed. Status levels are based on worldwide user results and data rules in this system. BTWB is free to members of Progression Fitness and Regent fitness.
  • SugarWod. One of the simplest apps for workout tracking. The key feature is its simplicity. The workout is on your phone, and you put in your results. You can see other’s results and give virtual fistbumps or comment on their results. SugarWod is free to Progression Fitness and Regent fitness Members. 
  • The Progression Fitness App. The app is still in development and roll-out, this app’s main strength is off Facebook communication, and the nutrition app that goes along with it is on par with the best currently available in the market.   

Technology is a powerful tool in your Health and Fitness journey. Find one that works to motivate you.  

When you are ready to get back to the gym, be sure to check us out. We will sit down with you, discuss your goals, and let you know if we are the place for you. If not, we will direct you to the right place.