Member Spotlight: Carlota Gay

What brought you to Progression Fitness?

I started at Progression Fitness in March 2016. It was after I finished a Triathlon in Minneapolis.
I was chatting with a friend that did the race with me and said: “I really like hard and tough
workouts”. He said: Just join a CrossFit. I did not have any idea what he was talking about. The next
thing I did was look for one in town. I’ve never stopped coming since then.

When do you usually work out?

Consistency is my key tool. I come to CFP at 5 am as much as I can if I’m not out of town. I will
say an average of 3-4 days a week.

What is your favorite exercise movement?

At the end of work out just lying on the floor.

What is your most hated exercise movement?

Running! Running in circles is my least favorite

What is your clean food?
Green smoothies made by me.

What is your favorite cheat food? Sushi!!

What do you like to do with your free time?

I’m an artist, and I paint when I can. But only after I did my running, biking, or swimmingfor the

Do you encounter functional fitness in your life? Does being functionally fit help you in your job
or your hobbies?

I recently discovered that by doing a Progression program with a million squats a day, I could
finish a project that I needed to squat for hours (some days 9 hrs). I painted murals that
were 4 feet tall. I was very thankful for my consistency at Progression Fitness

What goals are you chasing?

Being able to keep doing what I love to do: triathlons.

Who motivates you?

It is me that motivates me. We are our own best friends and worst enemies for our goals.

What were you scared/nervous about when you started Progression Fitness?

Well the answer is very easy: I am the worst at following directions. I thought I couldn’t do a group
class. I was wrong. I show up with a smile, and the coaches know me. They know that I need
extra attention, I need to see things done next to me. Coaches see that in me and generously
do extra for me.

Now that you have been at Progression Fitness for a while was there anything you originally
were wrong about, but now have changed your mind?

The first thing I changed was my mindset on following directions from a coach. I thought I knew
it all. This isn’t like a learned skill where you learn it, and you’re done; it is like eating; you need
it every day. Non-stop. Learn and relearn. Get better, stop. Start once more.

What is something you couldn’t do before but now you can?

Follow a coach’s direction. That, and the Barbell with a weight that surprises me.

What is your Personal Record that you are most proud of?

My record is the consistency of showing up to class. Numbers and measures are not my priority.

What is your fitness background? Have you played sports? Do you have a favorite sport now?

I started my first triathlon 11 years ago. Triathlons and ½ marathons are my passion.

Are there any competitions/races in your future?

I will do a triathlon in Maple Grove, MN, next August.

What advice do you have to help others keep coming consistently?

Do not think twice, do not develop ideas (they’re generally counterproductive ideas), just get
your clothes ready and come to the gym. That’s the place and moment when the magic

What would you say to someone that is thinking about trying Progression Fitness but isn’t sure
it is for them?

Go and negotiate with your best friend, beg him/her/they to be with you, cross the doors of
CFP, and that’s the only thing you will need. Never stop showing up. Training every week, every
month, and every year is my secret.

Never stop.

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