Should I cancel my gym membership over the Summer?

I will get right to the point. No.

There are two groups of people.

Those that need the accountability, need the gym because they won’t do it on their own. Over the summer even with the best of intentions of swimming, running, and sports, with the warmer weather, also comes vacations, BBQs, parties, drinking, and camping. You can do all of that fun stuff. But what we have seen is that the activities tend to fall out of balance. The gym brings the balance back. You need balance. A three-month party is not a good plan for your health and fitness.

The second group of people actually does crush the summer with running, swimming, biking, OCR Races, hiking, trail running, and all the things. They need the gym to deal with the wear and tear that all those activities produce. Strength is incredibly important. Neglecting it can have long-term consequences.

Talk to the coaches about your plans for the summer. Stay strong and healthy this summer and come into the fall just as healthy and fit as you are now.

Joshua J. Grenell. Owner Progression Fitness, Rochester MN