How We Use CrossFit at Progression Fitness

“No one gets fired for buying an IBM.”

This was IBM’s primary advertising tactic in the late 1990s: Any of you alive back then? Raise your hand! =-)

Selling FUDD (Fear, Unknown, Discord, and Doubt). They were selling against the new, faster, more powerful Mac. And since they couldn’t sell their computers based on performance, they had to sell them based on FUDD.

People were scared of the unknown Macs. They were scared the Macs would break down and they’d be blamed, then fired. If an IBM broke down, they wouldn’t be blamed, because IBM was the norm.

When I brought CrossFit to Rochester MN, I knew that nothing worked nearly as well as CrossFit does. But CrossFit was a Mac in an IBM world, and other gyms threw up a fog of FUDD:

“CrossFit injures people.”

“CrossFit is a high-risk activity.”

“CrossFit is only for athletes.”

“CrossFit causes rhabdo.”

Some of them are still doing this. Despite all the research that says otherwise.

Never mind that running and soccer are the most injurious exercises. Forget that few of us were athletes when we started CrossFit, or that dozens of people in Minnesota get rhabdo every year from shoveling snow. Nah, FUDD CrossFit!

And so, over the years, Progression Fitness grew—because we’re a coaching gym, not an access gym, and coaching is the only thing that works. Progression Fitness gets results. And CrossFit is one of our greatest tools.

Now, CrossFit at Progression Fitness might not be the same CrossFit you see at other gyms. It’s definitely not the CrossFit you see at the CrossFit Games.

The broad definition of CrossFit is “constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity.”

At Progression Fitness, that means a new workout every day … but never a random workout. We build workouts around previous results. That means you can start at any time, but stay forever.

It also means a focus on exercises that give you the greatest result in the least amount of time.

So we squat instead of doing leg curls, leg extensions, and that thigh-squeezy thing. We don’t use many machines, because we don’t like wasting time.

Finally, CrossFit at Progression Fitness means “exercise that feels like a game.” That’s the high-intensity part: We add a challenge to every single workout, every day, so you’ll enjoy working hard.”

We use CrossFit as one of the tools in our belt. Members of the Progression Fitness family are coached individually or in groups. Our ID program is 1:1, and your workouts are tailored to get the maximum results as quickly as possible. Some of the workouts prescribed are CrossFit workouts.

Members of our group CrossFit program do constantly varied functional movement at high intensity every day. This is the best broad prescription for fitness in the world, and we optimize it for the Progression Fitness family.

We’ve been a CrossFit affiliate for 13 years. CrossFit isn’t all we do at Progression Fitness, but we use it when it will help most. It’s a powerful tool to have, and we combine it with a positive, friendly atmosphere of support—another tool in the Progression Fitness belt.

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