What is Community?

Community Fitness Passion.  CFP.

Let’s talk about the C in CFP.

by: Joshua J. Grenell


Every gym claims to have a great community.  But what is it actually?

I think about this often, I see it often, and I have a hard time explaining it.  Trying to explain it to potential new members is oftentimes impossible.

Over the years I have broken it into a couple of different parts and it helps me understand it and why it is essential to making your Fitness and Health journey successful.

1.  Fishbowl theory.  The fishbowl theory is based on evidence that you will behave and act like the people you surround yourself with.  At Progression, we are full of different kinds of people.  Different knowledge, different life experiences, different outlooks, different motivations, different religions, different cultures.  All of these different people share fitness and health as an important priority in their lives. The power of a group with fitness and health in their minds and behaviors is a very powerful thing.  It is hard to explain, and hard to prove the value of this, but the value is there.

2.  Our physical community, Rochester, Minnesota.  Seven years ago we were able to truly start to turn our fundraising and donations efforts to our local community.  We strive to have a real impact on our city.  When you are part of Progression you are part of a business that truly looks to give back and impact our local city, and local people. In seven years we have donated over $20,000 to our local community

3.  Fitness Community.  This one I have thought about a lot.  It has to do with the actual WOD.  Those around you in the workout have an impact on your results.  Are you pushing yourself hard enough to get better?  If you are taking it easy, does this impact the guy in front of you who is trying to stay ahead of you?  It does.  We all need to do our job in class and work towards improvement.  Our work effort directly impacts the people around us.  The effort is inspiring, and it makes you and those around you better.  If you can pass the person in front of you during a run, you have to do your job and pass them.  If you can hold them off and not let them pass you, you must.  This makes us all better. This is a very well-known part of high-level athletics, and it is why you will see some very talented players improve while others stagnate. You must always look for ways to get better. The same is true in health and fitness for the average person.

A community is a very important part of your health journey.  Hard to quantify, but incredibly important.

Work hard, give back, and you will be inspiring to our community and in that behavior, you are the community.

See you at the gym.  Don’t let me pass you!