Monday 01282013

  • CFP is proud to host the level 1 Pendlay Weight Lifting seminar by MuscledriverUSA on February 9th.  Glenn Pendlay is one of the top Olympic Lifting Coaches in the US, coaching some of the top lifters in the country.  This is a 1 day hands on seminar, the registration fee is 200 dollars.  Limited to the first 30 participants, follow this Link to register.  There are only 10 spots left! 
  • The Super Friends Throwdown is on February 23rd starting at 9 am.  Teams of 4 battling it out through 5 plus events guarantees that this is going to be fun and crazy Throwdown.  Teams must register before January 28th to get a t-shirt for the event.  Limited to 12 teams, follow this link to register.
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A.  10 Minutes to Practice the Snatch 

B.  Deadlifts – 4 x 5 

C.  8 Min AMRAP 

60 x Singles 

10 x Push-ups 

20 x Sit-ups 


A.  Snatch – 3 x 1 @ 82.5% @ w/2 Min Rest 

B.  3 x Snatch Deadlifts (Perfect) + 3 x Power Snatches

10 Mins @ 95lb/65lb 

C.  8 Min AMRAP 

30 x Double-unders 

20 x Push-ups 

10 x T2B 


A.  10 Minutes to establish a 3 Rep Max x TNG Power Snatch 

B.  3 x Snatch Deadlifts + 3 x Power Snatches 

10 Mins @ 135lb/95lb 

C.  8 Min AMRAP 

30 x Double-unders 

20 x Ring Push-ups 

10 x T2B 

Optional Accessory


A1.  Reverse Hyper – 3 x 15 – 20 w/30 Sec Rest 

A2.  Strict Dumbbell Press – 3 x ME w/30 Sec Rest  

A3.  Banded Pull-aparts – 3 x ME w/30 Sec Rest 

-Post results under comment  

17 Responses
  1. Jessi

    Got up to 165# on my deadlift (5 reps)
    WOD: 4+64 (push-ups weren’t pretty, but none done from my knees…pretty proud of that)

  2. Jim

    A. snatch was more of a disaster than usual but did get 110 up a couple times
    B. done rx’d
    C. 4 +45 pushups and T2Bs were messed up. Mini Cindy + 180lbs sled pushing yesterday has me very sore

  3. Jeanne

    Snatch 55lb
    Performance 3+35 Pushups were hard. I guess I know what I need to start working on. Getting much more consistent with my double unders though.

  4. Staci Vinz

    A. 100 (105 x2)
    B. Done @ 95#
    C. 8 min:
    15 medball slams @ 20#
    20 ring push ups
    10 abmat sit ups
    2+ 30
    O.A. Work:
    A1. 15-15-15
    A2. 11-12-12 @ 20# dumbbells
    A3. 12-10-10

  5. Cally

    A. Snatch 65#
    B. 55# deadlift & snatch every 30 seconds
    C. WOD 4+67 (60 singles, 20 push-ups, 20 sit-ups)
    Good workout! Thanks to all the coaches for circulating and giving us pointers on snatches

  6. Brandon

    A: 105
    B: Rx weight, missed a couple snatches, should have gone lighter on my first day back
    C: 2+64, all du’s unbroken

  7. Patrick B

    A. 70#
    B. 55#
    C. Performance @ 4 + 40

    Got DUs now thanks to Alex’s advice on shortening my rope. Push ups were tough. I’d like to see us spend some time on the kipping pull up progression in the future, or at least the dead hang swing as it would translate to K pull ups, K2B, and T2B (and muscle ups…eventually).

  8. Katina

    Snatch @70
    EMOM @ 65
    Singles and E2E
    First workout that I did full push-up… It felt good.. And to start to do 5 at a time. But did the whole thing with full push-up.
    30 mins DU practice
    Feel like I’m starting to get it.. Got 4 tonight that’s a new PR

  9. Rach

    A: 105# (felt great!)
    B: done RX’d (maybe shoulda gone a lil heavier…?)
    C: 3 + 39 rx’d (stupid push-ups are still harder then hell for me!, fatigue mostly).
    then some extra dub work, and core work after.

  10. Jenn f

    A. 80#
    B. done, asRx
    C. 2+119—Alex pushed us to have proper form for push ups (arms in tight by sides) guess it slowed me down, but did strict, and can def feel it!!

  11. Bryan A

    Worked on Snatch technique at 75#
    EMOM at 75# – Still issues with form (hips) espcially when tired.
    WOD – Mix of Fitness and Performance
    DU’s, push ups and sit ups
    3+17 arms were dead.

  12. Paul

    A. 95->65# (worked on form – thanks Alex for recording and showing us what we’re doing wrong, very helpful!)
    B. 65#
    C. 4+56 w/ singles, lying T2B. Gotta work on Kipping…