-Survival of the Fittest Rochester will be happening this Saturday from 9 am – 5-6 pm, there will be no classes that day.  Please join in to either compete as an Rx’d or scaled individual or volunteer for this great event!  Click here for more info! 

RKC (Russian Kettlebell) instructor Cory Felderman will be running all Monday evening group sessions through a fun warm-up and kettlebell skill session.  Take advantage of this opportunity to learn the finer points of TGU and Russian swings.  

A.  TGU Ladder NFT: 

5-4-3-2-1 (R/L) 

10 x Swings between each set of TGU  

B.  21-15-9 AFAP: 

GI Janes 

Goblet Squats 2 pood/1.5 pood 

5 min rest… 

5 min AMRAP 

Double unders 

On the minute every minute 5 x burpees  

C.  Banded good mornings x 100  

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