Monday 09162013

CFP Boot Camp  

Our next boot camp starts September 30th and meets M/W/F at 7pm-8pm.  CFP offers group discounts of three or more, for more details and to register follow this link.  



A.  8 Sets 

15 Sec – Russian Swings 

15 Sec – Rest 

B.  8 Min AMRAP 

40M Farmer Carry (2 Kettlebells) 

60 x Single-unders 

20 x Sit-ups 


A.  Prison Rules 

Every 15 Secs for 16 Sets 

2 x Power Snatches @ 135lb/95lb 

B.  8 Min AMRAP 

20 x Cal Row 

20 x Russian Swings @ 1.5 pood/1 pood 

20 x Sit-ups 


A.  Prison Rules   

Every 15 Secs for 16 Sets 

2 x Power Snatches @ 155lb/105lb 

B.  8 Min AMRAP 

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6…. Ascending ladder 

Power Cleans @ 245lb/155lb 

HSPU @ 4inch/2inch Deficit 

Games Track 2014 

Follow this Link

Note – You will need permission to follow the Games Track due to the high physical demands.  If interested, please contact Matt, Josh, or Shawn to see if this is appropriate programming for your level of fitness and commitment.  

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