Monday 11052012


There will be no regular classes this Saturday due to the Whole life Challenge Finals.  All members not participating in the WLC are welcome to come to support the finals.  

Sunday’s mobility class is being moved from 3pm to 10am starting November 11th.  

A.  Take 20 Minutes to work up to the heaviest set possible for the following complex – Snatch Deadlift – Full Snatch – Snatch Balance 

B.  10 Minute AMRAP 

15 x Power Cleans @ 95lb/65lb 

30 x Double-unders 

C.  3 x 1 Min Planks 

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23 Responses
  1. Mike Strom

    A. 90lbs. Tweaked my back again…different location this time: mid-to-lower thoracic lateral to spine. Added weight to quickly??
    B. 5+15+76. Back felt fine for this but is really sore now

  2. Joe

    Lifting Complex =95 lbs, felt terrible. Snatch balence was tough for me, need to work on my mobility.
    WOD =5 rds + 6 pc

  3. jessi

    Apparently, I don’t know how to read or follow directions. I had it in my head that it was 10 power cleans, so I did 10 power cleans @ 65# and 90 singles….4+33.

  4. Staci

    A. Worked on wider grip Snatch and hitting the pocket. Felt a lil weird, but good.
    B. 15 PC @ 65#
    15 med ball slams @ 20#

  5. Snatch complex: 65#. Until tonight I had only done snatch balance with PVC as part if our warm up. Definitely a weak movement for me, needs some work!
    WOD: 5+7, nice to finally string some DUs together

  6. Rach

    1×20 back sq @125#, choose wt shoulder could tolerate, and knew I could do… Did it!

    15 kb 1pd cleans
    30 du’s
    7 complete rnds