[Nutrition] 5 reasons you are still on a diet.

Eggs, Bacon, Banana Coffee...
Eggs, Bacon, Banana Coffee…

5 reasons you are still on a diet.

1. You have not built enough muscle.

Bootcamps are great for getting started into a healthier lifestyle.  But you need to build muscle if you want to get lean for the long run.

2. Your not getting enough sleep.

7-8 hours a night.  Until you are there.  Good luck.

3.  You are not training hard enough.

Yes doing something is better then nothing.  pure aerobic work will only work for a while.  Soon you will need to do 2x the amount of work to get the same effect.  Most people don’t have time for 2-4 hours of exercise a day.  Increase the intensity, Increase the wt.  Watch the results happen.

4. Your “diet” is not sustainable.

Your diet is super low calorie.  You are restricting yourself.  Your body is in starvation mode during your 8 week “diet” and when you are done it is straight to McDonalds and Donuts for you.

5. You are lifting heavy a lot when you are dieting.

Your body is in rapid repair mode, and you are giving it no materials to repair with.  Your body starts to panic.  Stress reactions in the body are counter productive for wt loss.  You need to eat enough to cover the work you are asking your body to do.

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Joshua J Grenell
Joshua J Grenell




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