Plain and Simple


Announcing the Whole Life Challenge is something that I have done everyday for the past few weeks. I get a variety of responses to the question, “Have you signed up yet?” This is usually followed up by the question of, “Why not?” Another varitey of responses then follows, then a variety of avoidance like tactics. I guess my biggest question is why would you want to do all the work INSIDE the gym but not any of the work OUTSIDE the gym?

There are a lot of reasons why we choose everyday to get to the gym to work on the outside of our bodies, but what about the inside? I mean, do I really think that if I do a 100 hollow rocks after class everyday I can get away with eating a sugary dessert after dinner and it will have zero affects on my performance, appearance or general health? Remember the old saying, you are what you eat? No matter how hard we run around the block, how much weight we lift or how many pull-ups we do, there is still going to be consequences to what we eat. Plain and simple.

I know that you have kids that…”won’t eat that stuff…”. You mean your kids won’t eat food?? I know we are all “busy” and “…don’t have time..”, but honestly, what is so hard about grabbing an apple or banana instead of a little package of fruit snacks? A treat or snack can be anything you want it to be. Ask my niece Abigail what she eats at Aunties house after Crossfit kids. (Cold chicken and ketchup). I will tell you honestly, she has never once whinned or complained. She thinks is hilarious that she gets to eat with her hands and eat her chicken like string cheese. She asked for soda once and now knows there is none so she doesn’t ask anymore. Plain and simple.

Whether you have kids or not, the Whole Life Challenge can actually save you time. I think that one of the simplest and less time consuming things I have ever done is play the Whole Life Challenge game. It helps me look at food for what it is, FUEL. Food is the fuel that you use to live life. Right? So stop spending so much time worrying about what you can’t eat and just eat food! You will be so surprised on how much time you actually save when you eat your eggs and ham and move on with your day. Eat your salmon and brocolli with peanut butter and move on with the day. Feed your kids left over “string cheese chicken” and ketchup and make them finish their homework.

Anyways, there are lot of other reasons why one would want to do the Whole Life Challenge, i.e. $2,000 worth of prizes, free recipe advice and quick links to easy “how to” videos and oodles of information reguarding food, mental toughness, discipline, health on the inside and outside, invites to Paleo food discussions and Potlucks, a constant support system that desparately wants only the best for you and your family and knowledge. Aren’t you curious what you and the Whole Life Challenge and can do for you inside and out??

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Coach Juli