PR – Challenge!!! July 20th

Join us for the CFP – PR challenge!

Cost : SWEAT, BLOOD, and lots of awesomeness!!!

The challenge starts July 20 and goes through Oct 5th! To sign up please add your name to the document posted on the CFP Facebook page or in the Gym next to the announcements board.

We will start by testing our current Snatch and Clean and Jerk PR’s Saturday July 20 from 12-2pm. This will start right after classes for that day have ended.

Over the next 3 months challengers will focus on improving upon there Olympic lifts as much as possible. This will happen by coming to Olympic Weightlifting classes and paying close attention to Matt Arnold’s strength programming. Also there will be Pro-Tips provided by Coach Nic Scudamore on how to set up a successful training schedule to optimize your results. Along with training there will be an emphasis on active recovery, including sleeping, eating, and fixing your body so you can perform at your best come the end of the challenge!

The end date for the PR challenge is Saturday Oct. 5th – 12-2pm

Prizes will go out to Most improved and heaviest total compared to body weight.

– The end date of this PR challenge will set you up perfectly to compete in the Minnesota Open should you choose. The Minnesota Open is the highest attended weightlifting meet in all of Minnesota. No one is required to compete, but if you have shoes, know how to perform the lifts pretty well, why not?

Direct all questions to Nic Scudamore

[email protected] – or talk to him at the gym.


Alexi the beard
Alexi the beard