Progression Fitness IN Rochester MN

Cool Coaches, past and present.

Progression Fitness in Rochester MN exists to help people improve their health and fitness. Fitness and health are vital to living our lives to the fullest. In today’s world, we struggle to keep these things in balance with all of life’s struggles and

I got into the fitness industry for personal reasons. My family has multiple chronic disease issues that I was looking for a way to attack in my own life. Heart disease, diabetes, and obesity were the primary targets. I began exploring different programs and workout routines.

I found CrossFit and after my first 9 months, I was in the best shape of my life and had strong together my longest streak of health and fitness ever. It was at that point that I realized that Consistency is more important than what program I was doing, and consistency was made easy when the routine was changing and challenging.

At the time there were no CrossFit gyms in Rochester MN. It was easy to start one and I was looking for a place to work out without getting yelled at by staff at the Healthy Living Center at the Mayo Clinic. After a false start in 2008, CrossFit Progression opened as an officially CrossFit affiliate in October of 2009. With 23 members to start, we were on our way.

Since opening the gym I have relearned pretty much everything. Everyone has different reasons for walking through the doors at Progression. Most are seeking to improve something in their lives, usually what that thing is changes after about 6 months in the gym. Being able to adapt to these changes and be more than just a gym is what makes Progression special.

Business-wise I have learned that in order to provide a stable and healthy gym I need to focus on finances and be wise with our resources. I used to spend every dime we made on the newest greatest stuff. Now I have a plan and I stick to that plan, this helped greatly during COVID.

Today we are more invested than ever in improving our processes and improving the ways we get our clients results. Finding new ways to help members meet their goals and then offering services that match those ways. The biggest area we have been focusing on is Personal training. It is simply the fastest way to get results no matter the individual’s situation.

If you would like to tour the gym, talk to a coach, or see how we can help you just fill out our contact form.