Quit the Shaking

QUIT THE SHAKING. You ain’t got time to shake your head in disgust after a missed lift or workout that wasn’t perfect. Every second you waste shaking your head in a negative manner is worth a 100 missed lifts or 100 bad workouts. As a coach I see it and hear about it just about everyday. It’s usually a light weight that felt heavy, or a WOD that was too slow, or didn’t count because “I” couldn’t do it RX. Just remember that your “bad workout” is someone else’s best; your 55 lb clean and jerk is something other people only dream about. Until you have truly devoted yourself to something for an extended period of time you have nothing to be dissapointed about. When I say devoted I mean you practice everyday, multiple times a day, six days a week, for 10,000 hours, for upwards of eight to ten years and only then will you have reached a prodigious level of awesomeness.

Think about the last time you were really good at something, weather it was another sport like golf, or something like video games. You probably put a lot of time and hours into that activity to get better at it; even if you weren’t trying to get better, it just happened through countless hours of practice or playing time. This is the same case with becoming a more fit human being. It doesn’t happen in a day, a week, a month, or even a year; It takes a long time. One day, years down the line if you can stick with it you will see some serious progress. At some points it will seem like other people are getting there faster, but in the end the person who is the best is the one who can stick it out the longest, and the one who has stuck it out the longest is usually the one who has put in thousands of hours of practice.

Quit shaking your head, you haven’t earned it yet.

Written by:

Nic Scudamore

Train Heavy, Train Often, Dream, and Repeat.

Coach Nic showing off his flexibility!