Saturday 11092013


Fitness – Performance – Sport  

A.  BB Split Squats (From the Rack) – 3 x 7 – 9 w/2 Min Rest 

B.  Deadlift – 1 x 20 – Establish the heaviest TNG Set possible 

C.  15 Min AMRAP (Recovery Pace) 

250M Row 

20 x Push-ups 

20 x Russian Swings 

20 x Sit-ups 

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6 Responses
  1. Susan Kian

    No class for me today! Teaching a three hour private gymnastics lesson 🙂

    Workout at dahlc
    1 hour air dyne is my goal!

  2. Nicole Chovan

    Competitor class at Crossfit Timberwolf
    750m row while partner does front rack hold (215/145) then switch. Then 50 burpees (total not each) while partner does OH hold 135/95. Then 50 thrusters (total not each) at 95 while partner does dip hold. My partner and I had 14:47. Good workout!