SFH products are allowed for WLC at CFP

CFP will be allowing all SFH protein products for the challenge.  It will not count against you.  We sell SFH products because they are the highest quality whey protein available. As an example, SFH Recovery is composed of approximately 2/3 whey concentrate and 1/3 essential amino acids for recovery. The whey concentrate is derived from grass fed, free range cows, which are never treated with antibiotics or bovine growth hormones.


Most athletes tolerate liquids better than food after a workout. Liquids also have the advantage of replenishing fluid lost during exercise, and are digested and absorbed more rapidly than solid food. Research has shown that if the recovery drink is consumed immediately after exercise, the rate of glycogen synthesis was three times higher than if it is consumed two hours later.  Therefore, you should consume the drink as soon after exercising as possible to replenish your glycogen stores and begin repair of muscle damage.  Study here. What it comes down to for some athletes is the lack of ability to meet their daily dietary requirements.  Especially for people new to the type of eating of the WLC.  Many will simply not eat enough because they have not figured out what to eat.  Supplements help this situation greatly.  This is not an issue for those who are looking to decrease body mass however.  Study here.

I will caution those whose goals in the WLC are to lose weight.  Using a recovery shake will hamper your results.  I do not recommend recovery shakes to anyone in the gym who is wanting to lose weight and this is no different now.  If you are at your ideal weight and want to stay there, recovery shakes are pretty much a necessity to maintain weight and speed recovery.  If you are over your ideal weight, and weight loss is your goal, adding a recovery drink is going to slow your results.

You can not use milk to mix your SFH protein with however.  You must use water, coconut milk, or something else that meets the requirements of the WLC.

Any questions please talk to a Shawn, Matt, or myself.  Good luck to all.

Joshua Grenell.


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4 Responses
  1. Joshua Grenell

    I would need to take a look at the supplements Dawn.

    I would also need to know your goals as far as if you should be supplementing at all.


  2. Megan R.

    My goal is to lose fat and gain muscle, which I guess might increase my weight? Which is to say I’m not in ‘weight loss’ mode. I’ve been thinking about adding in SFH for a while (never tried it) and have been wondering if it would be a good choice for me particularly through this challenge and into the weightlifting meet in March. Thoughts?

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