Three ways to start managing your mindset.

How are you currently looking at the world?

How do we stay positive when the things we enjoy or the goals we set are taken away from us due to uncontrollable events or situations?

Today I will briefly go over three things you can do today to help you manage your mindset.  

  1. Find uplifting dialog. This one I used to think was hogwash. But I accidentally stumbled across David Goggins one day on youtube, and I found myself immediately in a different mindset. “David Goggins Video” I picked this one because it is edited. David swears a lot. This practice does not need to be videos. It can be books, Instagram, or podcasts. Find something that motivates you and do it daily. My current practice is to start a motivating podcast as soon as I can upon waking up.  
  2. Set aside 10 minutes every day to be angry, frustrated, and pissed off. Some people need someone to talk to for this one. Others can do it on their own. Work through your thoughts and disappointments, and then reset and be done. Know that success is a slow process; do not allow yourself to get stopped in the trenches.
  3. Know that time spent working on a task is never wasted. Everything you do is valuable and part of the journey. Training is beneficial even if your event gets canceled, or you have not yet reached your goals. Getting knocked down is essential; being disappointed makes you better if you let it.  

Think about these three things and how you can start implementing them today. The order here is on purpose. The difficulty increases as we go down the list. The first one is pretty passive; just listen. The Second requires discipline to not only plan time for it, but to execute it. The third is the highest level and will require practice.  

Ok, that is all for today. Heads up, Push forward, Find a way.

Joshua J Grenell