Tommy Hackenbruck Training Camp

Date:  October 19th – 20th

Saturday – 9am – 5pm

Sunday – 9am – 4pm 

How do you successfully win the Affiliate Cup at the CrossFit Games, compete in multiple CrossFit® Games and making podium as an individual and team, run two gyms, as well as being a husband and a father?

Only one person in CrossFit  fits the bill: Tommy Hackenbruck. the head of Ute CrossFit is here to give you the run down during this two day training camp at CrossFit Progression.

Hack's Pack
Hack’s Pack


8 hours
1 hour- Bio and history of myself, gym and hackspack
1.5 hours- What it takes to win
1 hour- creating a winning training environment
1.5 hours- Workout led by Tommy
1 hour- Lunch
1.5 hours- Programming
.5 hours- Q&A
The workout for Saturday will be a strength and skill focus.  




7 hours
2.5 hours- Programming
1.5 hours- Workout
1 hour- lunch
1 hour- the Evolution of CrossFit Competition
1 hour- Q&A
The workout for Sunday will be interval based strength training and conditioning 



Limited to 30 participants

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