Wednesday 08212013


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A.  4 Sets NFT 

4 x Deadlifts 

45 Sec Rest 

8/8 x Kettlebell Floor Press 

45 Sec Rest 

B.  20 Min AMRAP 

400M Run 

20 x Russian Swings 


A.  Every 90 Secs 

4 x Deadlifts 

8 x Pause Push-ups 

(3 Sec Static Pause on the Bottom) 

B.  20 Min AMRAP 

400M Run 

10 x Hang Power Cleans @ 135lb/95lb 


A.  4 Sets NFT 

8/8 x Bulgarian Split Squats 

45 Sec Rest 

9-10 x Weighted Close Grip Chin-ups 

45 Sec Rest 

B.  EMOM – 20 Mins 

Even – 10 x American Swings @ 80lb/60lb 

Odd – 10 x Thrusters @ 95lb/65lb 

Games Track 2014 

A.  5 Min Max Calories Row/Airdyne

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19 Responses
  1. Sara Jech

    A. 155 Deadlifts

    B. 6 + 200M run (with 25 seconds left, so did 3 Hang cleans) @ 95lbs
    Legs are quite tired today after the Bulgarian Squats yesterday and deadlifts today……

  2. Joe B

    A. 185# The pushups were harder than they appeared.
    B. 5 + 400m + 5 @ 95# w/ rowing. Proud I didn’t lose count for once.

  3. Nicole Chovan

    Mobility and accessory work.

    A. Done- not weighted chin ups, just body weight. Missed a few reps on the pull ups.
    B. Done. Deadly but I’m still alive. Thrusters didn’t feel good at all. Every rep was straining my shoulder.

    GT14- Done 63 calories on Airdyne

  4. Susan Kian

    A done
    B done except 3rd to last set of thrusters i did 7 instead of 10. Otherwise i managed pretty well. Got tough at end but doable.
    Gt- done

    Good workout. Felt good after

  5. Brandon

    A: pull-ups- 2 rounds w/vest, 2 w/o; split squats w/ 1pood kbs
    B: @1.5pood, 65lb thrusters
    Wod wrecked me
    Games track:
    80 calories

  6. Joel

    Tough day.
    A. Deadlifts at 135#. Those push-ups were deviously vicious.
    B. Was totally dead before the WOD started. 3+200m. Got some really awesome final push support from someone I didn’t really even know in my class. Really helped to finish out that last 200m.

    This is for Shawn:

  7. Carlos Racedo

    A. DL at 275.
    B. 6 rounds at Rx hang cleans/run.

    (I have been known to post on tomorrow’s as well Tim…not today though)

  8. Steve Vinz

    A. Done, 205lb deadlifts.
    B. 5 + 400M Row + 2 clean reps @ 95 lbs.

    30 minutes of double-under work.
    Good workout….also working on pushup arm position.

  9. David Muscarella

    A. Deadlifts at 165lb
    Pause pushups were hard.
    B. 4 + 400M row, cleans were at 75lb
    Enjoyed the rows much better than running.