Tuesday 05202014


All Levels 

A1.  Establish a 6RM CGBP and then:  

3 Sets of 6 Reps of A1 @ -10lb-20lb 

A2.  5 x Strict Pull-ups after each set of CGBP w/2Min Rest 


75 x Burpee Box Jumps @ 24inch/20inch 

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10 Responses
  1. Crysta P

    A1. 95 drop to 85×3
    A2. Strict pull-ups w red + green bands
    B. 9:46 Rx Did all burpees without “crawling” up and ALL JUMPS! I’ve been a bit psyched out by the 20 inch box since biffing it last month so I’m super stoked about completing this WOD. Who knew I could do 75 – 20″ box jumps?

  2. Nicole Chovan

    A1. 115. Drop sets at 105. Thanks for the push Jim!
    A2. Done UB.
    B. 6:54 Kept a good constant pace. Need to minimize steps though.
    C. Done. 10 with Orange bell (30lbs). 10 with yellow bell (35lbs)
    D. Done. Getting my strict HSPU back! Only used one ab mat today! Tried without, but no go. However, better than the last few weeks when I could do it with 2 mats.
    E. 3 rounds of shoulder exercises NFT.

  3. Staci Vinz

    A1. 125, drop set 3×6 @ 110
    A2. Done
    B. 6:41. Went nice and easy.
    C. 20 @ 44# KB

  4. Megan

    A. 75# w/ 10# drop
    B. 8:40 step ups
    Great overall today a couple of strict pull ups here and there! A fun group to get fit with! Thanks Melissa and Cally!

  5. Marcy

    A. Built up to 60# 6 rep max load (did 3 reps @65); then deloaded to 55# for the additional two sets of 6 reps
    Strict pull ups – #1 partner assisted; #2 & #3 with skinny red (did 2 with that) plus skinny blue (which almost made it too easy for the remaining ones)
    B. 9:35; I made myself not stop, but certainly was getting slower and s l o w e r …… ( I think I may have actually done 80…when I got to what I thought was 75 I had this feeling that maybe I’d miscounted so I did an extra 5 just to be sure)
    Last one to finish! Thanks so much everyone for cheering me on! Not too bad after being sick last week and pretty much sleeping for 3 days…

  6. Susan kian

    Just got back in town. Sad I missed squats yesterday.

    Cgbp at 95. Was too light. Should have added more.

    WOD 8:16 felt slow and heavy…felt like I could have pushed myself harder today.

    Jog/walk around lake with stroller.

    Turkish get ups at home with 30 lb bell. X30

    HSPU against wall at home

  7. Paul Bye

    A1. 95-135-185 6RM. 3 rounds of 6 reps @165#.
    A2. 5 sets of 5 strict pull-ups. First couple rounds I did unassisted, last 3 rounds I did 1-2 unassisted and the rest assisted. Got a good tip from Matt C. last week on pull-ups, has really helped.
    B. 8:55, step-ups/downs. Pretty steady pace all the way through. Very tired.
    C. 5 minutes summer abs