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  • The 2013 CrossFit Games season is upon us, it comprises of three tests of fitness comprised of, the Open, the Regionals, and the World Championships – The CrossFit Games.  The CrossFit Games Open is a 5-week online competition from March 6th-April 7th where each athlete does a single workout per week that’s scored and submitted online. The workouts will be announced each Wednesday evening and each athlete has until Sunday evening to complete and submit their score. Not only can athletes see where they stack up against the region, but also against their friends and families across the world. At Crossfit Progression, we will have GameDay Fridays where the community will come together to cheer each other on during normally scheduled class times. These workouts will be part of the weekly programming, so since everyone will be doing them anyway, you may as well sign up and make them count!  Follow this link to sign up and be apart of CrossFit Progression Team!
  • The Super Friends Throwdown is on February 23rd starting at 9 am.  Teams of 4 battling it out through 4-5 plus events guarantees that this is going to be fun and crazy Throwdown.


A.  3 Rounds AFAP

10 x Deadlifts

10 x Box Jumps

Rest 5 Minutes

B.  1000M Row


A.  3 Rounds AFAP

10 x Power Cleans @ 115lb/85lb

15 x Box Jumps @ 24inch/20inch

Rest 5 Minutes

B.  1000M Row


A.  3 Rounds AFAP

10 x Power Cleans @ 155lb/105lb

15 x Box Jumps @ 30inch/24inch 

Rest 5 Minutes 

B.  1000M Row 

Optional Accessory 


A.  21 – 15 – 9 


Wallballs @ 25lb/16lb 

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16 Responses
  1. Jenn F

    A. 5:54 Rx (don’t quote me on this time). Form may have been better in last round had I scaled or slowed down. Jeremy/Alex have me thinking “knees forward….scoop” and I think now I am all messed up.
    B. 3:55– PR!! Wanted to break 4 mins. Tough on the quads after the box jumps!
    Mobility/Habbe abs.
    Also worked on movement for Throwdown.
    Quick, dirty and effective workout. Liked it!

  2. Jenn F

    And I probably had the same face as the pic above for rowing today. TERRIBLE… Sherwin, couldn’t you fuzz me out??

  3. A. 5:29 65# could have went higher and 12″ jumps
    B. 4:15 slow for me last time was 4:02
    OA wall ball/situps
    Swim 2300 meters

  4. Patrick B

    A. 6:39. Felt a lot better about this than other AFAP workouts. Thanks Matt for the reminder on taking my time with the cleans.
    B. 3:59 “Close one.” -Matthew Arnold

    Habbe abs & mobility

  5. Jessi

    A. 5:26 @ 65# 16″ box and I definitely moved to step-ups. Today was rough…just all-around tired and no energy.
    B. 4:31 and I discovered that this was a 13 second PR from the beginning of the month so I’ll take it.