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The 2013 CrossFit Games season is upon us, it comprises of three tests of fitness comprised of, the Open, the Regionals, and the World Championships – The CrossFit Games.  The CrossFit Games Open is a 5-week online competition from March 6th-April 7th where each athlete does a single workout per week that’s scored and submitted online. The workouts will be announced each Wednesday evening and each athlete has until Sunday evening to complete and submit their score. Not only can athletes see where they stack up against the region, but also against their friends and families across the world. At Crossfit Progression, we will have GameDay Fridays where the community will come together to cheer each other on during normally scheduled class times. These workouts will be part of the weekly programming, so since everyone will be doing them anyway, you may as well sign up and make them count!  Follow this link to sign up and be apart of CrossFit Progression Team!

The Hammer Race is an obstacle/terrain race in Southern MN.  Part adventure race and part obstacle race, the Hammer Race is as much of a mental challenge as it is a physical one.  On top of the mud, obstacles, and rugged terrain, participants in the Hammer Race must carry a minimum 8lb sledge hammer throughout the entire course.  You must cross the finish line with a Hammer to be considered a finisher, and may even need it to do so.  So make sure you get to know your Hammer companion, and do not neglect it.  Talk to it.  Sleep with it.  Keep it well groomed.  Work to strengthen the bond, for you will need it to stay close and have no reason to wander off.  Follow this link to register as an individual or in a team of 5!


A.  10 Minutes of Clean Practice (Pos 1, 2, 3) 

B.  5 Rounds AFAP 

10 x Deadlift 

15 x Push-ups 

20 x Wallballs 

Rest 3 Mins after each round 

C.  Banded Good Mornings – 1 x 100 


A.  Clean – 5 x 1 w/2 Min Rest 

B.  5 Rounds AFAP 

10 x Power Cleans @ 95lb/65lb 

20 x Push-ups/Dips 

30 x Wallballs @ 20lb/14lb 

Rest 3 Mins after each round 

C.  Banded Good Mornings – 1 x 100 


A.  Establish a max rep UB TNG Power Clean set- 10 Minutes 

@ 225lb/135lb 

B.  5 Rounds AFAP 

10 x Power Cleans @ 135lb/95lb 

20 x Ring Dips 

30 x Wallballs @ 25lb/16lb

Rest 3 Mins after each round 

C.  Banded Good Mornings – 1 x 100 

Optional Accessory 



7 x Rope Climbs 

21 x HSPU

5 x Rope Climbs

15 x HSPU

3 x Rope Climbs

9 x HSPU

-Post results under comments  


14 Responses
  1. Jim

    A. 175 took a few attempts at 190 but just couldn’t get it turned over
    B. no sure, I think a little over 27 min. Not good when the weightlifting was the easiest part for me

  2. Mike Strom

    One of the hardest workouts ever for me-even with the rest periods. The cleans were super easy but had no strength for the PU and WB. Geuss I should have had more than coffee for breakfast

  3. Carrie

    Very Epic indeed
    A. up to 105# still working on form.
    B. 26:28 65# power cleans, push ups (still a work in progress) and 14# wall balls.
    Legs starting to feel like jello after all the squats and heavy lifting this week!

  4. Rach

    Cleans: up to 155#
    Wod: 85# cleans, dips (3rnd no band, 2 rnd red band), 14# wb
    Wow… I forgot how much I hate wb’s…

  5. Katina

    A) 85,95,105,115,120
    120 felt very good..
    B) 22:23 RX
    That was a killer workout.. Just what I needed. It felt great..

  6. Bob

    10# PR Clean
    WOD 4+18 in 30 min 115# dips 20#WB
    That was epic and awesome I miss Wednesday WODs. Great motivation at the the end. Thanks Sherwin and Tina for pushing me!

  7. Bryan Akervik

    Cleans – 75-95-115-135-135 (missed 155)
    WOD – 28:41 @75#, Push ups and 14lb ball.
    Great workout. Frustrated me as my conditioning would have allowed me to push harder but my strength didn’t. Can’t get through pushups….hit failure on rd. 3….had to go one by one. Arrgghh!!!!

  8. Jessi Sawyer

    A. Did a lighter weight to work more on form – stuck with 75# and tried to catch it lower than my usual power clean.
    B. 4 + 47 (got over halfway through the wallballs, so close!) in 30 min. There are some things I can kick my ass through and really push it, but MAN ALIVE I HATE WALLBALLS.
    C. Rode my horse like a boss even though my legs had already taken a huge beating.