Wednesday 09182013

CFP Boot Camp  

Our next boot camp starts September 30th and meets M/W/F at 7pm-8pm.  For more details and to register follow this link.  

The Rows
The Rows


A.  8 Sets

15 Sec Push-ups

15 Sec Rest

B.  EMOM – 20 Mins

Even – 20 Sec Double-under/Single-unders

Odd – 20 Sec Burpees


A.  Every 15 Sec for 16 Sets

2 x TNG Deadlifts @ 225lb/135lb  

Scale the weight accordingly 

B.  EMOM – 20 Mins

Even – 30 x Double-unders

Odd – 30 Sec of Burpees


A.  Every 15 Secs for 16 Sets

1 – 2 x Deadlifts @ 375lb/235lb 

B.  EMOM – 20 Mins 

Even – 5/3 Strict C2B Chin-ups 

Odd – 10 x Ring Push-ups 

Games Track 2014 

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20 Responses
  1. Holly Todd

    A. 135# deadlifts (much easier than the snatches every 15 sec!)
    B. dubs & 91 burpees
    mostly dubs but my arms hurt so bad from being whipped that I did some singles as well.

  2. Nicole Chovan

    A. 8 sets at 215, 8 sets at 195. Singles for almost all of them. Both felt very heavy. Definitely didn’t warm up enough.
    B. Done. went pretty well!

    GT and mobility.

  3. Crysta P

    A. Performance – deadlifts @ 75lb
    B. Fitness – Single-unders + 75 burpees
    First time jump roping since surgery! Leg feels good.

  4. Paul Bye

    A. @205# – made all 16 rounds
    B. 91 (9 per round, last round 10) – biggest achievement of the day though was getting 3 consecutive DUs
    Good workout to come back to after 8 days out with bronchitis

  5. Susan Kian

    A prison rules 2 deadlifts at 175. Felt fine but heavy enough to do the job.

    B. 4 chin-ups till round 16 i think then switched back to three. They felt pretty easy. Had to stop doing full sets of 10 push-ups around and break it up into sets the last two rounds or so.

  6. Cyndi

    A. Prison rules: 2xTNG 8 sets at 205 and 8 sets at 215
    B. performance: hit 30 UB DUs every round :), total 142 burpees with most rounds at 17 and least round at 13 burpees. Earned a free drink! Thanks Matt!
    C. EMOM x 10 even 3x push jerks at 95, odd 3x strict C2B chin ups, followed by 4×15 GHDs with Derek

  7. Cally

    A. Deadlifts at 135#, much easier than the snatches
    B. lost count on the burpees, DUs (getting about 20 in a row somewhat often now)

    FIRST WOD ALL RX (I know it was an easy one to do that but still was exciting for me – even did all the burpees with no step up or down)

  8. Staci Vinz

    A. 1 every 15 sec @ 235#
    B. Done. Push-ups felt really good, and surprised myself by getting 3 strict C2B every round.

  9. Keith

    A: 145#
    B. 90 (or so) burpees – mostly 10 per round, with SUs (I have a hard enough time doing those!)

  10. JennF

    A. 135
    B. 10-12 burpees every round. Maybe 1 double under in 5 of the 10 rounds 🙁 Good to practice though… glad it was suggested to just attempt the DUs.

  11. Sara Jech

    A. All DL at 135lb

    B. Hit 15-25 DUs each round…. Some days ya got em, some days ya don’t
    116 Burpees…First few rounds hit 13, then dropped down to 11 for the rest…