Wednesday 09252013

CFP Boot Camp  

Our next boot camp starts September 30th and meets M/W/F at 7pm-8pm.  For more details and to register follow this link.  Only 5 spots left!

The line
The line


A.  4 Sets 

30 Sec Man Makers 

30 Sec Ball Slams 

B.  18 Min AMRAP 

400M Run/Row 

15 x Push-ups 


A.  Every 15 Secs for 16 Sets 

3 x Deadlifts @ 205lb/115lb 

B.  18 Min AMRAP 

400M Run/Row 

15 x STO @ 135lb/95lb 


A.  Every 15 Secs for 16 Sets 

3 x Deadlifts @ 295lb/205lb 

B.  18 Min AMRAP 

400M Run/Row 

15 x STO @ 155lb/105lb 

Games Track 2014 

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18 Responses
  1. Nicole Chovan

    A. Done at 175. Sets of 2 or 3. Mostly 2’s. Not quite sure why the heck I can’t pull 175+ off the ground but I can throw it over my head…interesting concept.
    B. 5+400+1. Did 15 ground to shoulder with 50lb med ball.

    GT14 A&B done.

  2. Paul Bye

    A. @185# – made it through 12 rounds with 3’s, then 2-1-1-1. Back was a little sore to start and I was trying hard to maintain good form.
    B. 4 rounds + 400m run, @115# STOs. Shoulders sore from Monday but still a great workout – love this combination.

  3. Susan Kian

    Worked on snatch techniques for 45 min before class… the time that was over i wanted to eat my left arm…so hungry.

    A. Did light deadlift 125. Felt nice to not struggle for a minute

    B. 3+12 sport rx – had no energy but got thru it.

  4. Sara R.

    A. @115
    B. 4 + about 50 M (started at 55# for 2 rds then went to 65# for other 2 rds)

    Felt very good! Went light (should have gone heavier!) because i’m not good at running, but that even felt good tonight(steady pace). YAY!!

  5. Cally

    A. @115, kept good form throughout (thats Sara for the coaching!)
    B. 4+ 400, row, 55# (thought about doing 65# but did have to break the sets of 15 in to 10 and 5 so 55 was probably right)
    Workouts going well, feeling strong…. seems like I’m getting to really know when and what to scale. Steady improvement.

  6. Staci Vinz

    A. Some 3’s, some 2’s per round ad skipped a couple rounds because of shoulder.
    B. Made it through 400m+15+400m+5 before my shoulder/bad seized up and had to stop. Time to figure out how to fix this before Granite Games……frustrated!!!

  7. Jessi

    A. 85# did 3 rounds of 2 reps mixed into the rest with 3 reps. I hope my form got better through these; I was trying!
    B. 5 even. Row and 45# for weight. I had very little energy and it was rough getting through that – definitely think the past 2 days of not eating much made an impact.
    C. Did 3 minutes of hollow rocks like Juli told me to. Made it to 115.

  8. Mark Michalski

    A. 205x3x16 rounds – hammy’s were on fire!

    B. 6 rounds completed, only used 75lbs for the STO. Nagging shoulder injury, and I wanted to focus more on getting some runs in.