Wednesday 11202013


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Handstand Practice!
Handstand Practice!


A.  3 Sets

7 x Push Presses (Ground)

90 Sec Max Meter Row

2 Min Rest


10 – 1 Ladder

Heavy Russian Swings

Close Grip Push-ups

30 x Double-unders after each set (2:1) 

15 Min Cap 


A.  3 Sets 

7 x Push Presses (Ground) 

90 Sec Max Meter Row 


10 – 1 Ladder 

Russian Swings @ 2 pood/1.5 pood 

Close Grip Push-ups (Dips Optional) 

30 x Double-unders after each set (2:1) 

15 Min Cap 


A.  3 Sets 

12 x UB Push Presses (Ground) 

90 Sec Max Meter Row 


30 x T2B (Buy-in) 


10 – 1 Ladder 

Russian Swings @ Heavy as possible 


30 x Double-unders after each set 

15 Min Cap 

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20 Responses
  1. Sara Jech

    A. PP @ 75lbs, Rowing around 380 M each time
    B. 10:20
    2 pood
    As many UB DUs as I could (each round around 10-18) then the rest singles at the 2:1 ratio

  2. Nicole Chovan

    A. Push presses at 95. Felt good. Rows 400/389/380.
    B. 16:43…struggled! Took me 2:00 for just the T2B. Dips were a struggle too. Used 2 pood for swings. Had 1 dip and 30 DU from round of 2 and all of round of 1 left at the time cap. My arms were on fire from part A…then I came home and felt paralyzed for a good 30 minutes.

  3. Keith G

    A: 85#
    B: Failed due to JRM (jump rope malfunction, although it might have been the user and not the rope)
    Got all the way though, but only got in 15 jumps on the last set before time ran out.

  4. Ryan N

    A. 135#, 400-450M each set
    B. 14:45, all DU’s but 22 had to finish a couple of sets with singles, WOD took me deceivingly long. Really need to work on stringing together more DU’s. Fun WOD overall.

  5. Staci Vinz

    A. 100#, Rows: 433-419-411
    B. 5 rounds (2 pood) in 15 min cap. Dips getting better, but still a bit of a struggle fest. Was able to keep my form, but ended up doing mostly singles.

  6. Marcy

    A. 55# PPs, didn’t notice rowing calories, I was just watching the clock!
    B. 10:34 (1 pood; toe push ups and did sit-ups instead of jump rope … 20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2)
    I liked the wod tonight, but it totally kicked my butt

  7. Cory L

    A. 75lbs (need to go heavier next time), rows were all around 420-440m.
    B. 14:50. Got it in just under the wire… First Rx WOD!!! Good workout. DUs were killer toward the end. Far from unbroken, but made myself stick to DUs. Was able to get into the rhythm at times and string together 15-20. Other times I couldn’t string together two… what’s up with that?! 🙂

  8. JennF

    A. Pp at 85#.. Could have gone a tad heavier. Rowing around 380-400m each time.
    B. 1.5pood kb..and singles. Hmmm.. Didn’t mind the dreaded bells with the gloves on, imagine that?!?
    Overall challenging workout.. One you walk away glad you did it, but glad it’s over!!

  9. Laura S

    A. PP@55, Row 383, 355, 353
    B. 13:30-1 pood, knee PUs (finally understand Julie telling me to not let my thighs touch the ground), singles

  10. Susan kian

    Definitely easier to workout at Cfp…I hate working out alone!

    3 sets 7 push press with 25 lb dumbbells and bike sprint in between.

    10-1 ladder Double unders and seated dips. I didn’t time it.

    Biking 30 minutes.


  11. Paul Bye

    Warmup. OK, so I’ve never injured myself in over a year of CrossFit, and I don’t classify this as an injury, but….pretty bad calf cramp or slight pull during warmup. Moral of the story is that maybe I don’t need to be quite so “enthusiastic” during warmup time! (Still feeling it a little bit today)
    A. @95# push presses (backed off with the calf thing), 480m-430m-395m, last row was really tough to maintain
    B. 11:10, @2 pood swings, singles. As a standalone workout this wasn’t too bad, it was a lot tougher with part A first though. Made it through all close-grip push-ups unbroken, second time that’s happened now, doing these all the time has really improved my endurance on push-ups and other similar exercises.

  12. Mark Michalski

    Funny, I just read Paul Bye’s recap, and I had a calf cramp during the rowing warm up!

    A. No push presses for me, shoulder stuff. Did 14 close grip push ups each round instead, and 446m, 431m, 420m rows
    B. 14:10 @ 2 pood and single unders. Need to work on DU’s. This workout kicked my butt.