Week 11 – Session 1 – Tuesday 6:30 pm class


This is a recovery week designed to set us up for some monster PR’s next week.

Warm up – if you arrive early grab a kettle bell and perform 3 sets of 15 Goblet squats.


Programming – Week 11 – 80% Recovery

Snatch – 4×2

Clean and Jerk – 4×2

As always make sure to perform 4-5 warm up sets before reaching your 80%

Back Squats – 2×8 – perform 2 to 3 warm up sets. Weight should be the same if not slightly heavier than Cleans for the day.

RDL – 5×5



Mobility – ALWAYS PERFORM MOBILITY 10 minutes per day at least.

Hand stand holds – 3 x 20 sec0nds

Glute Ham Raises – 3×15

Core – Hollow Rocks – 100

Link of the day – pound for pound maybe one of the greatest lifters of all time. Not who you may have been thinking.


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