Week 8 – session 3 – Saturday 9am class

Warm up – If you get to class early please start warming up. When class starts please grab a barbell and start to warm up with position work.

Snatch – work up to daily training max – 3 misses and you’re done.

Clean and Jerk – Work up to daily training max- 3 misses and you’re done.

BackSquats – Attempt to work up to a heavy set of 5 trying to beat what you squatted Tuesday.


If you have squatted 3 or more times this week Dead Lifts

Snatch Deadlift- 4×3

Clean Deadlift – 4×3

this is the end of cycle 2, it has been a heavy couple of weeks between crossfit and Olympic Weightlifting classes. Maintaining and hitting close to your current numbers is the goal this week. Any PR’s are to be celebrated profusely.


The olympic movements and squatting/ deadlifting should take of most of the class.

– Glute Ham raises – 4×10

– Handstand holds – 3 x max effort (try to improve each set)

– Mobility – At least 10 min. Mobility is the key to faster improvement. The easier you can get your body into consistently strong positions the heavier the weights you will lift.



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlloF9DGUlk Maybe one of the greatest snatches of all time, these lifts often go unheard of because the weight classes have changed since the 1982 world cup. Blagoy Blagoev snatching 195 KG @ 90kg body weight.

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