Weightlifting and the Life Pump


The beauty of any kind of weight lifting is that one knowingly faces failure on a daily basis. There will always be a weight that is to heavy, always.

The lifetime lifter knowingly accepts this. They know one is limited by an endless list of variables and genetic potential. But the person who is truly into anything for the long haul knows that each program, each workout, each rep failed or successful is apart of a much bigger picture being painted by an ever growing paint pallet called experience. I will admit I am not sure what exactly this picture is going to turn out like, but I promise to write about it in revisions 2,3,4,5,6, into infinity and beyond. So far what I know is that the picture is pretty clear and simple and that if it seems muddled or blurred we are still working on or adding to the background, an essential to any great painting.

Weightlifting and life is a test to find what we are made out of and how far beyond that we can go. It is looking deep inside of one’s self through the darkness, and fears of failure, inadequacy, and into the very core of our being. A being which we usually find out is one of uncertainty and aloneness. At first this may seem numbing and like the world is slipping away from beneath our very feet. Up becomes down, here becomes there, and everyday the world might end tomorrow. We come to realize that this being, this life whatever it is is the most powerful thing we know and have.  And that no matter how many more times we miss a lift, fail, feel alone, self sabotage and implode, we will continue to succeed; failure is the most necessary of daily experiences and will allow us to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations thus furthering our progress whether you like it or not.

If you have ever kept any kind of training log or journal you can look back and see a physical document stating that despite all of your misses in life some how to this point you have become nothing but the strongest most resilient version of you. If you are somehow allowed another day in this strange existence we call life your current results would conclude that you will continue to succeed in whatever direction you decide. Keep going; force that made from stardust, meat bag filled with bones you call a body to fulfill your perfect ending, find your nirvana, peace, genetic potential, LIFE.


Caffeine is my only clock, be awesome everyday.

See you soon,

Coach Nic

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