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As members of the CFP community you now have access to two amazing facilities. As the head weightlifting Coach at CFP, I would personally like to invite you to visit your second facility CFP Strength to try Olympic weightlifting, Kettlebells, or to use our daily skills sessions to reach all of your fitness and lifestyle goals.

It is my goal as an Olympic weightlifting coach to teach proper movement, via the Olympic lifts and key accessory movements to improve your fitness and quality of everyday life. I believe weightlifting is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal to help reach all of your fitness goals even if it is used as accessory work. Please revisit my previous blog post “Olympic Weightlifting, What is it Good For?” if you would like more information on what weight lifting can do for you. Below is a brief description of all of the weightlifting classes at CFP Strength as well as what times they are held at.

Beginners Olympic Weightlifting – Tuesday and Thursday – 6-7pm –

If you are brand new to CFP, or have never done an Olympic weightlifting class this is where you start! It is a stress free, no pressure environment to learn the Olympic Lifts at your own pace. We take the entire hour on just the snatch and the clean and jerk. You get all the practice time you need for each movement. Everyone starts with the 15 lb. bar and are not required to put weight on until they are comfortable with the positions.

Youth Olympic Weightlifting – Monday – Friday – 4-5pm –

Youth weightlifting classes are geared towards young athletes and lifters who are in high school or younger. The prerequisite for this class is having consistently attended beginners weight lifting classes for at least 2 weeks. The main difference from Beginners and Youth weightlifting class is the extra emphasis placed on basic assistance exercises such as squats, pressing, and basic bodyweight exercises.

Olympic Weightlifting Classes – M,W,F – 5-6,6-7pm, – Tues, Thurs – 5-6pm –

Saturday – 9am (@CFP headquarters)

Whether you want to go to the World Masters Championships, or you just want to move better and become stronger CFP Strengths Olympic Weightlifting classes are for you! Like CFP’s crossfit programming there is a level for everyone. Just to clarify the levels aren’t as much about your skill level as they are about how many times per week you are able to train. This will allow us to make sure you get the workout that’s right for you. So whether you just want to come and refresh your Olympic Weightlifting technique, you like to train 2-3 days per week, or you like to train everyday, we have a program that’s right for you and your goals.

Skills Sessions – Monday – Friday – 11am-1pm –

Everyday you can come to CFP strength from 11-1pm to work on any aspect of your fitness and strength under the supervision of Coach Nic Scudamore. The daily Skills Session is a great time to complete daily programming, work on your weightlifting technique, or do some rowing! We also still have part of a pull up rig and rings in the progression room!


Nic Scudamore

Head Olympic Weightlifting Coach at CFP

USAW level 1 club coach

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