What is your mission? Here is ours.

The Progression and Regent Mission

I have owned gyms for 11 plus years now.  

When I opened Progression Fitness in 2009, My mission was to bring CrossFit to Rochester, MN, and build a business for my family.  

As the gym evolved over the years, that mission changed. We wanted to spread the truth about health and fitness. We mocked the myths, the trends, and the big box gyms. The mission slowly became much more complicated as we learned more and more. With this complexity, it became tough to explain it and very hard to find our ideal client. The public saw CrossFit and made assumptions. Assumptions that did not fit what we actually did inside our walls.  

As a psychiatric RN on Generose two east at The Mayo Clinic, I learned a lot about community and environment and its power on healing and health. 

If you genuinely care about people, you have to care about their health. People’s health is dependent mainly on their surroundings and how they interact with them.    

With that as a base of understanding, we began to make changes that would move toward that care. This involved clearing out some brush and weeds. It was the most challenging work many of us ever did. It was worth it. The community thrived. Support and caring became the way.  

Here is our gym’s mission for 2021: 

Our mission is to enlarge the lives of 1,000 people in Rochester, MN.

You can do nothing without your health and fitness. Health is maintained through fitness. Until fitness is seen as a necessity and not a form of entertainment, our city and country are at risk.   

Rochester, MN is a fantastic place. So many people do genuinely great things every day. Our goal is to help Rochester’s people continue to do these things and do even more.  

Our slogan is Community, Fitness, Passion, and Journey. We don’t have to have every person in Rochester come through our doors to succeed. Rochester is a great big small town. We can change the city by making a difference in the people who do come through our doors. Those people interact with others, and the knowledge spreads. Every time one of our members asks someone to join them on a walk or brings their lunch to work, an impact is made. 

Healthy and fit people live more engaging lives. They do more, and they do it longer. They enlarge their lives. This is a good goal for all of us. 

We can help you eat better. We can help you learn to do deadlifts and presses. With these simple things, you will live longer and better and independently. 

Some have called us the “Fountain of Youth.” We are actually the “enlarger of lives.”  We certainly have been that for many of our members.

Let us help you live life to its fullest.  We specialize in those people who are just getting started. You don’t need to be fit to start. You have to want to learn.  

Our Gym’s mission is to enlarge the lives of 1,000 people in Rochester, MN. What’s yours?

Inspiration was provided by Chris Cooper at Catalystgym.com