Successful Stumbles

The path to success is not what you think. Ask anyone you see as successful, and that person will tell you about all the failures along the way.  

That overnight success you see everywhere. That took ten years.  

Success at anything takes time, and it takes slow progress. You are going to get better, but you are also going to take steps back. Then you will get better, and after a while, you will fall back again. Get a new personal best on a lift, and then struggle for the next six months to even get that again. Get your first pull-up, and then lose it. You will lose weight, and you will gain it back.  

We keep going. Because every time we push forward, our fallback is a little smaller. It takes a little less time to get back to where we were. The stumbles get smaller. We keep inching up the mountain.

Then one day, you will notice that you have not taken any steps back for a while. Maybe you successfully hit your goals and gains for a year. The next time you fall back a little bit, you realize it isn’t a big deal because you have gone through this before, and you know the path back.  

This pandemic has probably been the most significant setback any of us has ever seen for business owners. I am using what I learned on the gym floor to help me push through this historic time.   

Remember to take stock of how far you have come. Remember where you were way back a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. =-) Even though you have fallen back, you are still not where you started. Remember that.      

Most of us have fallen back during Covid in many areas of our lives. Even after this time of Covid-19, we can come back and continue our climb up the mountain. Next year when the next fallback comes, we will all be stronger.  

Stay Strong. Get Back. Keep Pushing.  

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