“Where Does Your Food Come From?”




Do you ever wonder where you food comes from? Or do you close your eyes and hope for the best every time you sit down to dinner? As America becomes better at getting every kind of food from all over the world, I think it is necessary to wonder about where it comes from, why and if there is a better system.

It is hard to not fall to the “American” way of shopping at oversized food centers and convenience stores as they are everywhere we need them. It’s easier, cheaper and that is why these businesses are successful. But what price are we really paying for that hamburger or tomato and more importantly at what cost to your health?

I am not telling you where or how to shop, but I think that there needs to be a little more consciousness when it comes to the relationship between food and health. If you spend time in the gym to get yourself healthy then why wouldn’t you take the same care in what you are eating? There is more to the idea that eating organic local food is healthy and I will tell you how much more.


*My food tastes better. I can guarantee that my food tastes better than Wal Mart’s. Not only does it taste better, but I know that my food is exponentially higher in nutrients. If you want to make an argument that your food is cheaper than mine, then I ask you at what cost to the quality of your food?

*I know where my food comes from. I don’t have to worry about how many factories have processed and how many trucks have traveled and how many people have fondled my food. I know that my food has traveled less than 500 miles to get my plate. This is comforting when I read the headlines “Beware of listeria in peanut butter, you will die!”

*My food is grown by local people who care. I can email, call, visit these people everyday if I wanted to make sure that I feel good about who is making, baking, growing and feeding my food. I know that these people are worth the extra dollar that my grass-fed beef costs. If I cannot grow and slaughter my own food I want to know the people who are.

*Supporting your community. You guys like supporting your fitness communities so why not support your food community? There are hundreds of family farms near you that sell all kinds of food and even towards the end of the season are happy to cut you a deal or even give you free produce because you spent the season supporting their family and business and their crop was plenty.

*You like to buy things in bulk? Then why not buy one cow from a local farmer instead thousands of different cows from all over the country and world? You are guaranteed that you are buying one animal from any local farmer versus a piece from different animals that have been subjected to things I don’t care to talk about. Happy food equals healthy food.


There is a lot of science about eating grass-fed beef that I will leave to you to do your own research, but instead I invite you to start by taking small changes with all of your food and shopping choices.


*Buy organic when you can or when it is available.

*Buy from local stores like HyVee that buy from local vendors.

*Look at the label, try to buy things only from the USA.

*If you have made the last three changes, try buying items from places that are at least 500 miles or less from where you live.

*Go to the farmers market every chance you get.

*Grow a garden, even if you start by growing herbs and lettuce.

*Buy local grass-fed beef in bulk, meaning the whole or half a cow

And when in doubt, ASK QUESTIONS! I have learned a lot just by asking local grocers/farmers questions. If you don’t want to ask them then ask me and I can direct you in a better direction for both you and your food.

Where I shop:



People’s Co-op

Farmer’s Market

Greg’s Eggs: I found a local guy who delivers eggs to my work. I am sure if you start researching and asking questions, there are plenty of farmers that have an abundance of eggs that if you start purchasing eggs from, they usually end up giving more than you ask for. Chickens lay eggs everyday and most of the time they cannot give the things away. Ask Margo…she knows. His girlfriend also makes homemade soap and lotions (barenakedsoapcompany.net).


Go and build up your community. You and only you have the power to do what you will with your money. Every time you spend that five dollars you are voting on one community or can another. Spend it where it counts.


Thanks for reading.

Coach Juli