Daily Thoughts: Extra 10%

IMG_0914Sleep……….. It’s the extra 10% you needed to make 1 more rep, to finish the project, to simply be present in the moment. Sleep it’s the extra 10% you needed in life, yesterday, last week, last month, last year, in junior high, etc. you get the point.

This may be hard to believe but no matter how much caffeine and whole milk that you are able to consume there’s no way that you can out live, out train, or out function bad sleep. Here are some ideas to start sleeping better:

– Meditate to fall asleep (notice how meditation comes up a lot in my blogs)

– Crocodile breathing (similar to meditation)

– read a few chapters out of a book until you get that tired eye feeling

– glass of whole milk an hour before bed (This is my own personal remedy)

You might be thinking, “Well I work night shifts” or “I have  crazy work schedules”. There is no law stating you have to sleep 8 hours straight. Consistently getting sleep is what is important, two times a day in 4 hour blocks, maybe a 6 hour block and then a 2-3 hour block later. Like practicing any consistent sleep pattern, this will take time to get used to but is very do able. You could even write your own sleep program! It would be like a workout program but for your sleep!

Just like in life use your brain and do things right. Take the next 2 weeks to start practicing your sleep, you can thank me later.

Melatonin gives you crazy dreams, be awesome everyday.
See you soon,


Coach Nic

Community Strength


USAW Level 1 Coach – 2009 – Present

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer