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CrossFit Progression You Can't Earn Your Food in the GymEarn your cheat days in the gym. We’ve all heard this and it’s a cushy little thought process. And as long as our two feet hit the gym floor everyday it allows us to very easily justify “the cheat”.

This is a mentality that I am guilty of adopting. But it wasn’t until I took a step back from CrossFit that I realized what that was doing to my progress.

When I could no longer depend on torching through a lot of work on a daily basis to level off those extra calories, I had to begin to focus on how to get my nutrition in check.

I learned that nutrition can go a long way. Farther than you think. But feeling strong and progressing to higher levels in your training requires a kind of homiostatis of the correct nutrition and work load on a regular basis.

If you’re frustrated with your progress or feel a plataue, keep these things in mind:

1.  Think of food as fuel and nothing else.  When you’re reaching for something, ask yourself, “How will this make me feel in my workout?”
2.  Set small goals for your nutrition, (i.e., I’m going to cut out bad fats and replaced them with good fats this week).

3.  Practice patience.  Remember where you started and how far you’ve come.  Do not turn one slip up into a downward spiral.

Coming from someone who loves food, I don’t think you can earn your food in the gym. But I know you can earn your progress in the kitchen.

Function Kettlebell:

A.) 1 legged squats


– Use box, or leg in back.

B.) For time:

1 to 10 ladder of KB/DB C&J

Row 10 calories in between each set



A.) Pistols


B.) For time:

1 to 10 ladder of C&J (95/65)

Row 10 calories in between each set



A.) Weighted Pistols

5×5 (.5 or lighter KB)

B.) For time:

1 to 10 ladder of C&J* (155/105)

Row 10 calories in between each set

*competitors try to go UB as long as possible*

-Results to comments!

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