Kettlebell Perform/RX Compete
A.) KB HEAVY bear complex. A.) Heavy Bear Complex A.) Heavy Bear Complex
Clean, Push Press, Front Squat, 15 min to find max weight
push press, front squat of the following complex
Squat Clean
Back Squat
B.) 15 min to establish a max
7 rep bear complex
C.) Tabata row for meters
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2 Responses
  1. Sara Link

    A 1 RM- hit 125…. last time we did this I hit 130- i’ll blame the pregnancy…

    B. 7 RM- last time I hit all 7 at 105, so this time I wanted a 1 and done at 110, but that didn’t happen… Missed my behind the neck jerk on my 6th rep… called it a day and decided I need to work on over head stability

    C. 867 meters I believe! Which last time was 852