2019 Holiday Throwdown Workout 1 Announcement. Kind of.  

Holiday Throwdown Workout 1 Announcement. Kind of.  

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Read on to get at least part of the first Holiday Throwdown workout.   You’ll want to practice this movement before December 7th.

But first I’d like to highlight one of our generous Holiday Throwdown sponsors, Chris and Rachel Tuttle, owners of Empowered Family Chiropractic.




Empowered Family Chiropractic will be offering complimentary spinal screenings at this year’s Holiday Throwdown!Dr. Chris has been caring for CFP athletes for the past 9 years, as well as being an active member himself. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! 

In the meantime check out Empowered Family Chiropractic at https://empoweredfamilychiro.com/



On that happy note, I bring to you 2019 Holiday Throwdown Event 1:

 Roasted: by the fire or in the oven, either way, our legs are crispy & well done!


Today I am only revealing the last element of a 3 part workout.   After completing two other tasks, team members will be…. Deadlifting in pairs!   That’s right, Event 1 will contain a partner deadlift. Should your pairs be mixed genders, bars will be loaded unevenly to reflect this.    

Weights are as follows: 

Division Male/Male Pair Female/Female Pair Male/Female Pair
Rx 315 evenly loaded 225 evenly loaded 270 M3x45’s F2x45’s
Intermediate 275 evenly loaded 185 evenly loaded  230 M2x45’s +1×25 F1x45’s+ 1×25
Scaled 225 evenly loaded  155 evenly loaded 190 M2x45’s, F 1×45+1×10


Before you get all fired up, all divisions will be competing together for the same fame and glory. We, your coaches, whom you love and trust because we pour our hearts and souls into your lives each and every day, will help you to choose your division so that you can safely complete this workout.  (Petitions for weight changes accepted by your most frequently visited coach.)

It wouldn’t hurt to check-in with Chris and Rachel a couple of times between now and then to be sure you’re in prime deadlifting condition!  Shameless plug. But really healthy backs are the best for deadlifting. 

Remember this year not only will you be competing for the title, “Fittest Team on Earth” (I’m sure no one is already using that title.), but also for the titles of Best Dressed, Most Holiday Spirit and Best Team Name.   So, get after it. You may not be the fastest, but you just might be the cleverest or dapper-est. Yes, I know that’s not a word. Have fun and get planning. 

Still not registered?  Get it done before it’s too late.  Here’s the link

Last but not least, thank you to all of our other generous Holiday Throwdown Sponsors!   Thank you, Linda Gates, Shannon Astorino, Todd Severson, Jason Carey, and Alex Lair!