21 Questions With… Alyson Girls

I don’t even know where to start with this chick.  Al, Aly, Alyson… She goes by a lot of nick names with the morning crew because she’s just something different to everyone.  By that, I mean she’s always interacting, supporting, and inspiring the people around her.  She truly is a HUGE asset to CFP.  She knows that she’s my rabbit to chase, but I’m sure she’s a lot of people’s rabbit for more reasons than her positive energy and tenacity in the gym.

Behold… Alyson Girls.

CrossFit Progression Rochester Minnesota

What do you do for a living? 

I’m a practicing physical therapist for almost 5 years for a skilled nursing home in Rochester.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of the gym? 

I love running and continue to strive to improve my half and full marathon time.  I love playing sports and painting. 🙂

Favorite genre of music? 

Country music is my jam; I can’t wait for the next concert!

Favorite cheat day meal?

I could eat a Chipotle chicken bowl every day, every day.  Dark chocolate with sea salt would follow close.

Chalk, or no chalk? 

Rarely use chalk.

Do you hate wall balls as much as we do? 

Well of course!

What’s your favorite movement? 

I really enjoy Olympic lifting, including snatches.  When I first got started I never thought it would be something that I was interested in and now I look forward to them.

What’s your least favorite movement? 

Mountain climbers, and of course wall balls.

What goal(s) are you currently chasing? 

Currently, I’m looking to be able to complete no-banded pull ups during a workout.  I just feel that would be a great accomplishment.  Outside of CrossFit, I would love to be able to complete a marathon under 5 hours.

Best piece of advice you’ve gotten from a coach? 

“All you can do is give your all; leave it all out on the floor”.

How do you make time to get to the gym? 

It’s pretty easy, I enjoy going everyday and I have made it a part of my everyday routine.

Why do you make time to get to the gym? 

Because I love how I feel when I’ve completed a workout and it’s a great stress reliever.

How has your outlook on fitness changed since starting CrossFit? 

I’ve realized how important strength training is and how it can translate into other sports and everyday activities.

How has your outlook on yourself changed since starting CrossFit? 

I feel that I can do anything in the past year since starting at CrossFit Progression.  I used to have that confidence a long time ago and lost it along the way and now feel that I’m truly happy with myself.  I want to continue feeling empowered.

How would you explain the feeling before you get to the gym each day? 

For the first 6 months I was very nervous about going.  Now I can’t wait to try a new workout and see what I’m capable of.

How would you explain the feeling you get after you leave the gym each day? 

I usually leave exhausted, amazing, and strong all rolled into one.

How has your life outside of CrossFit changed since joining CFP?

I have more energy during my day and I feel more goal oriented.  There are things that I never thought I could do and that’s empowering.

What has been your fondest memory during your time at CFP? 

By far, the coolest thing that I’ve experienced is completing Friday Night Lights and Festivus games with the 5:30 am ladies.  These were the hardest things that I have ever done and was so surprised at the energy that everyone had.  I believe that it pushed me harder than I thought possible.

What brought you to CFP? 

My husband started CrossFit at CFP before I did and would not stop raving about how great the workouts were and how good he felt.

What keeps you at CFP? 

The people, the support, the coaches, the workouts.  The atmosphere at CFP is absolutely contagious.  I truly love coming each and every morning and I look forward to the changes that I continue to make.

What would be your one piece of advice for someone who’s just joining CFP?

Ask a lot of questions.  The coaches are awesome!  Don’t be discouraged to try new things or tough workouts!  You are going to feel amazing and it is life changing!

CrossFit Progression Rochester Minnesota

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